The Organizing Committee is deeply indebted to the host of this conference, the Leibniz Institute for Neurobiology (LIN) Magdeburg.

Special thanks go to our sponsors for their financial, technical, and logistic assistance.

Technical assistance has been provided by Reinhard Blumenstein, Bernd Brückner, Marco Dombach, Andreas Fügner, and Christian Matthes (all from LIN). The internet presentation of the meeting has been developed by Corona Labs and was maintained by Torsten Stöter and Eike Budinger (both LIN). The registration software was provided by Harald Weinreich (conftool).

The diverse jobs coming up in the organization and coordination of the conference office have been taken care of by a lot of helping hands. Particular thanks go to Carola Kolouschek who headed the conference organization. We would like to thank Sarah Bresch, Monika Dobrowolny, Anja Gürke, Julia Henschke, Ines Kaiser, Kathrin Ohl, and Janet Stallmann (all LIN).

We had great fun during the dragonboat race and Oktoberfest party. This was only possible by the help of the Dragonboat team and the Mückenwirt team.

Many thanks go to Daniela Wiechert, on behalf of the whole team of the Herrenkrug Parkhotel, for the collaboration and the hospitality.

Finally, we would like to thank all participants, for coming to Magdeburg to join the conference and contribute to its sessions; thus, filling the scientific as well as the social events with life.

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